Opening a Bulk Import File is crashing/not importing.

  • Make sure you have specified the correct type key value in the import file’s root dictionary. Geometry Stash will treat files according to this value.
  • Null values in a JSON file can cause problems for Geometry Stash. You verify that your JSON file is in the correct format with a web app such as JSON Editor Online.

Exporting a slide as an image cuts off some of the text.

  • Text cutoff is a known issue, the iOS system does not correctly determine the height of a UITextView if it is rendered off screen. We are working to fix this bug.
  • Workaround: Adding extra newline characters \n at the end of the text key value will artificially increase the rendered UITextView height.

How do I control access to editing with Guided Access?

  • Enable Guided Access in the Settings app.
    Guided Access overview
  • Triple click the home button to view Guide Access options
    Guided Access options
  • Press the Options button to view available options for the devices.
    • Geometry Stash currently allows disabling of slide toggle (☰) and the Slide Management view (📂).

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